Loan Favan, is jewelry designer and artist from New Caledonia. She is the founder of Naula_studio and pays homage to Pacific traditions through the medium of jewelry. Drawing inspiration from her Pacific heritage, she transcends conventional jewelry, shaping intricate 'artifacts' that encapsulate the spirits and mystical powers of her island. As an independent jewelry artist, Loan seeks to share stories and traditions through her  designs, designing both statement art pieces as well as wearables pieces.

Her creative journey began at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, Netherlands, specializing in 'Man and Identity' with a passion for metal. Followed by internships at avant garde jewelry artist Chrishabana in New York in 2019, Loan, contributed to accessory projects for celebrities like Christina Aguilera.
Loan’s conceptual jewelry art pieces manifest around the body and play between the notion of jewelry, anatomical implants and body modifications. Her inspiration sources: futuristic scenarios, indigenous traditions and body explorations.

In 2020, her collection A L L I A G E -Cu29Zn30, now part of the Denbosch Museum's permanent collection, explores Transhumanism. Each piece transforms the wearer into a cyborg, symbolizing a "super power" of Loan's "future self," blurring the lines between jewelry and the skin.

In 2022 her project NGEI, translating to 'later in the future' in Nengone,language from Maré New Caledonia pays homage to her Pacific culture. This collection features monumental accessories inspired by Kanak artifacts, juxtaposing ancient relics with futuristic interpretations. Loan initiates a dialogue, prompting a reevaluation of customs in far-reaching scenarios. The pieces transcend traditional jewelry; they become futuristic artifacts "charged with symbols that convey our past values and identities into the future."

In 2023 her latest project, TANEM FUIJA is commissionned and exhitbited in the Design Museum of Denbosch in the Netherlands x the Stichting Stokroos. TANEM FUIJA or ‘exchanging future’ in Bichlamar (local language of Vanuatu) explores the concept of scarification in a far-flung future. Inspired the rite of passage of Vanuatu where men get their skin marked mimicking the crocodile skin she creates 3 monumental looks with ‘scarification tools’. Each look is composed of numerous pieces that resemble implants and are place between the skin layers. Each look draws inspiration from a specific animal considered as ‘invincible’ so that the pieces will empower Human to become ‘immortal’.This project became an exploration about the future of scarifications and how science and spirituality can intertwine.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Loan actively contributes to the design and art education of New Caledonia. As an independent jewelry artist, she conducts workshops in schools like Jules Garnier, Lycée Lapérouse, and the School of Design, aiming to inspire younger generations and foster a united community of New Caledonian designers. Loan Favan's journey is a testament to her commitment to both her artistic vision and the cultural enrichment and spread of her homeland.