NGEI translates as ‘later in the future’ in Nengone, language from Maré, New Caledonia. NGEI is a collection of monumental accessories that echoes Kanak artifacts from New Caledonia. Inspired by Kanak artifacts, Loan tries to project the culture of her island in the future. Beyond reworking the aesthetical aspect of the traditions, Loan tries to carry the core values of New Caledonia and imagine how they would translate in the future through her minimal, raw, and authentic style. The concept of NGEI is to exhibit the artifacts in direct contrast with their futuristic version. By juxtaposing ancestral pieces with their modernized echo, Loan tries to re-question evolution and the posterity of the traditions of the first civilizations.

‘CĀC' (‘spear’ in Nengone) is a modernized version of the Kanak spear, in a jewelry form. 

‘Cāc’ is a symbolic weapon ‘piercing’ that awakens the warrior spirits within its wearer body and soul. It is placed on the forehead and represents our ways of confronting/dealing with what happens to us. It is a reminder of force and courage. Its other version is worn on the ear and adorns both profiles of its wearer. It works as a protection, a sort of guiding murmur from the warrior ancestors’. 

‘NINEN’ (‘respect’ in Nengone) is a modernized version of the Kanak money, as a ‘jewelry artifact’. 

‘Ninen’ is composed of multiple braids and buttons that work as implants on the skin. Those braids connect to key points: the temples that symbolizes thoughts, the throat for the speech, the back of the skull for the ancestors’ wisdom. 
‘Ninen’ is made of long smooth metal chains that take inspiration in the long threads of the original Kanak money. The symbol of the hut is materialized through flat and round buttons. 
‘Ninen’ could play a determining role in the formation of new clans in the future. It could even help their continuity as the jewelry would be passed on from generation to genration or even be mixed between clans. 

‘Shegu’ (‘to warmp up next to the fire’ in Nengone) is a modernized version of ‘Silex, magic stone’ a tool who brought magical support to Kanaks' life. 

‘Shegu’ is a futuristic implant in which a fossilized silex in metal floats in the middle of a transparent box. The device is directly attached to the skin of its wearer. 
‘Shegu’ would store all the inherited ancestral knowledge and represents a new type of archeology. In the future, each individual will carry his own heritage on himself as there is no more ground to bury our past...

Opening art show NGEI “later in the future” retrospective, May 28th 2022 Bali.

Crowdfunding campaign 2022, video Tyson Ernste.
credits: photography/video: Tyson Ernste, product photography: Stefan Boerkamp, model: Trijhono Setya Kartiko, mua: Adara Tresna, performer: Aziza, gallery: Asha Canggu, music: Diwagraya