"your stories materializing through metal and visual craftmanship"

We create unique custom jewelry for your special moments in life, project or loved ones. Curating an exclusive experience from concept to creation; to reflect much more than an aesthetic in your piece but rather your own personal story and feelings.

We can create a wide range of jewelry from sterling silver to gold, including carefully selected gemstones and distinctive details for both personal use or brands/artists. But the possibities even extend beyond the conventional forms of jewelry and we welcome custom orders of bespoke art pieces, objects, extravagent accessories for video creations, makeup/nail accessories,...

Our custom process:
  1. send your project (inspiration, story/concept, budget, material, size, deadline, nature of the jewelry: ring, necklace, art piece etc)
  2. quotation and design
  3. creation phase
  4. production of your unique piece

For more information or enquiry write us at [email protected] or fill in our contact form.