CĀC earring


Material: Sterlin Silver / Silver + Gold plated
Model: Earring (single or pair option)
Collection: NGEI

The CĀC earring is part of the NGEI collection, inspired by the Kanak artifacts from New Caledonia, a small French island located in the Pacific. The concept of NGEI is to juxtapose the ancient artefacts next to their futuristic version and thus re-question the mutation/adaptation of customs. The research process behind the project has also been a way to come back to my roots, and re question the impacts of colonization on education and identity.
Each object contains specific references taken from traveller’s discovery diaries and traditional tales. The pieces then become much more than simple jewelry, they become futuristic artefacts; « charged with symbols that convey our past values and identities into the future. »

These earrings are inspired by the Spears of New Caledonia, which were used both for hunting or ceremonial purposes. CĀC is a straight spiky earring. CĀC means "spear" in Kanak dialect (New Caledonia).

The SMALL earring is 5,5cm long and the MEDIUM earring is 9cm. It is sold as a single earring or as a pair (2pcs). Select option bellow.

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