Material: 925 sterling silver
Model: face mask I *unique piece*
Measurements: 75(l)x16(w)x15(h)
Weight: 145gr

"TIMIDRA NGNO KA THIP" translates to 'hanging tears' in Drehu, the Kanak language. The TIMIDRA NGNO KA THIP MASK is a one-of-a-kind creation that embodies the artistic sensibilities and jewelry approach of both Naula and Claudia Lepik. This delicate body adornment seamlessly combines Loan’s elegant signature industrial pearl, inspired by her island heritage, with Claudia’s organic casted bits resembling water drops in metallic form. The resulting piece serves as a perfect fusion, encapsulating the essence of their collaborative work.

This collaboration brings together two strong jewelry female artists and results in elegant pieces that mix their visions. “This mask or silver veil is fragile, yet strong and bold, a good way to describe both of us. By doing this collaboration we wanted to create more than simple jewelry but show the emotional side of our creation, and challenge the jewelry form. We had minimal design plans, we wanted to give freedom to each other, to let authenticity speak .” Taking resemblance to tears, this piece represents our mutual love towards being surrounded by the water and observing its different states. Tears represent realization, acceptance and embracement. TIMIDRA NGNO KA THIP means "hanging tears" in Kanak dialect (New Caledonia).

All the pieces of this collection are handmade in Bali Indonesia. This mask is a unique piece.


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